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Fandom's Bitch is the home of the fandom contributions of Shona aka Mara. It houses fanart, fanfiction, fanvids. meta essays and hopefully more soon. The site is updated on a semi-regular basis so please check back soon! It is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox where possible, and in at least 1024x768 resolution. The site uses CSS, PHP, divs, tables and whatever other shiny toys I can employ.

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This site is created solely as a fansite. All art and fiction contained herein is purely for entertainment purposes and I - Shona, aka Mara - make no claim of ownership over any of the characters used herein.

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Hosted as part of the [ moments lost ] collective, this site has been open since October 2008.
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All characters and originating concepts remain the property of their original owners. No copyright infringement is intended, nor should it be construed.

PG-13 WIP Buffyverse, Star Wars: EU
Xander is witness to a plane ditching into the ocean and rushes to help the pilot. But why does she look so familiar and can that really be a lightsaber at her hip?


NC-17 (m/m slash) complete Supernatural, Angel
Dean is just trying to forget what's coming, but Lindsey's been to hell and has a debt to pay.


PG-13 (m/m slash) complete Supernatural, Angel
Lindsey's always loved Fall, and this kid embodies the season...


Her Own Path

R complete Buffyverse, Supernatural
Faith's striking out on her own, but Giles is worried about the new threats she's uncovering. If only she would call back... (prequel to the Paths Crossed series)


Lies & Dreams

PG-13 complete Angel, Supernatural
Angel might not be able to help Connor, but he can see to it that Sam Winchester gets to become a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart...


Off Course

PG-13 WIP Buffyverse, Lost
Oceanic Flight xxx has two extra passengers, can a renegade Slayer and reluctant Watcher get to the bottom of the island's mysteries?


Sweet Ride

PG-13 complete Buffyverse, Supernatural
First part of the Sweetness Follows series. Road trips in mini-vans are just no fun for Faith. The Chevy Impala that's just pulled up on the other hand...

Sweet Surrender

PG-13 complete Buffyverse, Supernatural
Part 2 of the Sweetness Follows series. Faith encounters Dean and recognizes a kindred spirit...

Sweetness Follows

PG-13 complete Buffyverse, Supernatural
Part 3 of the Sweetness Follows series. Faith comes clean with Dean, but can he ask nicely?

Beauty Like The Night

PG-13 complete Supernatural. Angel
Drabble. An almost impossible prompt! Lindsey finds that beauty is in the eye - and the fingertips - of the beholder.

Run from the darkness in the night

PG-13 complete Supernatural, Buffyverse
Dean knows she always finds him just before he breaks wide open, but right now he's broken and she's not here...


all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.