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Fandom's Bitch is the home of the fandom contributions of Shona aka Mara. It houses fanart, fanfiction, fanvids. meta essays and hopefully more soon. The site is updated on a semi-regular basis so please check back soon! It is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox where possible, and in at least 1024x768 resolution. The site uses CSS, PHP, divs, tables and whatever other shiny toys I can employ.

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This site is created solely as a fansite. All art and fiction contained herein is purely for entertainment purposes and I - Shona, aka Mara - make no claim of ownership over any of the characters used herein.

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Hosted as part of the [ moments lost ] collective, this site has been open since October 2008.
version: Eliza

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Welcome to the fanfiction subsite of Fandom's Bitch. You'll notice the layout is a little different here - that's because I appreciate that when reading fic, the last thing you want is to be distracted by large and intrusive banners and awkward layouts. So you have my word, there will be no top banners deeper than 200 pixels at the very most and there will definitely be no animations here. Thanks for dropping by!

All fic posted here is originally posted at my Livejournal and feedback can be left at the link provided or by emailing me (remove the NOSPAM). Feedback of all kinds is welcome, flaming or trolling is not. The only way I can improve as a writer is by receiving constructive critiques of my work.

Fic is archived here by fandom and status - all works in progress (of which I have a lot - I'm sorry!) are marked as such.

ADULT CONTENT WARNING - although the vast majority of my work is rated no higher than PG-13, there are a few NC-17 stories on here, including m/m slash. Please be aware these stories are listed here and if you have not reached the age of consent on your country then do not read further.

all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.