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Fandom's Bitch is the home of the fandom contributions of Shona aka Mara. It houses fanart, fanfiction, fanvids. meta essays and hopefully more soon. The site is updated on a semi-regular basis so please check back soon! It is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox where possible, and in at least 1024x768 resolution. The site uses CSS, PHP, divs, tables and whatever other shiny toys I can employ.

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This site is created solely as a fansite. All art and fiction contained herein is purely for entertainment purposes and I - Shona, aka Mara - make no claim of ownership over any of the characters used herein.

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Hosted as part of the [ moments lost ] collective, this site has been open since October 2008.
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angel the series fic

All characters and originating concepts remain the property of their original owners. No copyright infringement is intended, nor should it be construed.

It can't rain all the time 

R complete Faith
It's raining in LA, but can it wash away the blood?

Crisis of Faith

PG-13 complete Faith, Lilah
Drabble - She's not a Slayer, there's no such thing, she must be crazy...

Easier Than Redemption

PG-13 complete Faith, Angel, Angelus
Drabble - Sometimes giving up really is easier.

How Does It Taste?

PG-13 complete Faith, Angelus
Drabble - The darkness tastes sweet, and it's there on a plate...


PG-13 complete Lindsey
Drabble - he might have got away from Wolfram & Hart but can Lindsey get out of hell?


PG-13 complete Faith, Angel
Drabble - they're the same, so why can't they communicate?


R WIP Cordelia, ensemble
As if being a Higher Being wasn't bad enough, now she's trapped inside her own head and just what the hell is making her body do that?


PG-13 complete Lindsey
Drabble - Spring should be about fresh starts, new chances. Lindsey holds on to that thought.

Quattro Stagione

Lindsey hates these company get-togethers, especially when Lilah's there too.

Tarnished Silver

R complete Faith, Angelus
Drabble - pain like silver.


PG-13 complete Lindsey
Drabble - The end of one thing, the start of another. Lindsey makes his choice.

Angel also features heavily in the crossover fics.

all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.