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Fandom's Bitch is the home of the fandom contributions of Shona aka Mara. It houses fanart, fanfiction, fanvids. meta essays and hopefully more soon. The site is updated on a semi-regular basis so please check back soon! It is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox where possible, and in at least 1024x768 resolution. The site uses CSS, PHP, divs, tables and whatever other shiny toys I can employ.

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This site is created solely as a fansite. All art and fiction contained herein is purely for entertainment purposes and I - Shona, aka Mara - make no claim of ownership over any of the characters used herein.

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Hosted as part of the [ moments lost ] collective, this site has been open since October 2008.
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supernatural fic

All characters and originating concepts remain the property of their original owners. No copyright infringement is intended, nor should it be construed.

calls across a starlit coast

PG-13 complete Jo
Post-season two. Jo's on her own, but she's not out of the hunt.

do not go gentle...

PG-13 complete Bela
She's never spilled family blood...

the Deepest Cut

PG-13 complete John
Drabble. John makes his first kill.

Everything About You

PG complete Sam
Drabble. Sam leaves for Stanford.

Girls Like Her

PG-13 complete Mary (John)
Drabble - Girls like her don't go for guys like him...

He's Not There

R complete Jo, Sam
BuaBS - It's not Sam, she knows it's not, but...

His Type

PG-13 complete Cassie (Dean)
Drabble - Cassie knows the type...

Hunter Hunted

PG-13 complete Jess (Sam)
Drabble - Jess isn't stalking him, she's just... following him around.

If my wings should fail me...

PG-13 complete Dean
Dean's angry, and that scares him a little, but not as much as the things he sees when he sleeps...

It Must Be Bunnies

PG complete Dean, Sam
Sometimes Dean's quite happy Sammy's such a giant freak, especially when it comes to this disguise...

Light Up

PG-13 complete John, Mike
Drabble. Mike may be John Winchester's best man, but what does that mean when John doesn't want a bachelor party and there could be an extra guest at the wedding?

Mind Games

R complete Bela, ?
Her cabin should be safe, but he's here and he's breaking through...

Normality's Overrated

PG-13 complete Dean, Sam
Burgers for breakfast? Yeah, well, who wants normal?

Sleeping Soul

PG-13 complete John
Bela's carrying a message for the boys, but where did it really come from?


PG-13 complete Dean
Drabble - Dean's going to make the most of today. After all, it's his last. (written between seasons two and three)

Waiting (save your life)

PG-13 complete John
Sometimes there are words so harmful you can't take them back, but that doesn't mean you don't care...

What Needs To Be Done

PG-13 complete Sam
Hunted - Sam knows Dean can't kill him, that he won't, even if it's what needs to be done.

Supernatural also features heavily in the crossover fics.

all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.