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It Must Be Bunnies

Title It Must Be Bunnies
Rating PG-13

"Yeah, that'll work." Dean nodded his approval and stepped back to admire his handiwork He grinned and only years of poker playing kept it from being too wide.

Sam favoured him with the glare normally reserved for whatever evil son of a bitch he happened to be facing down at the time. It amused Dean to think that it took so little to piss off his kid brother. He filed the information away for later use - and he would definitely find some way to use it later. Probably when he was a good few miles from the blast radius of course, because he wasn't stupid.

"Hey," He said, using just the right tone of platitude to let Sammy know it was completely false, "Don't blame me, you're the one who said we'd get further if we looked the part."
Another pointed glare and Dean had to fight to keep the laughter down contained.
"Almost suits you, you know? I mean, whodda thought pink would be your colour?"
Finally Sam broke his silence to snarl, "I take it you've got yourself a death wish or something?"
His grin got wider, "No man, I'm serious - I think we've just found the real you here. Remind me when this is over that we need to get you some more pink shirts or something."
"Tell me again why I'm not kicking your ass right now?"
"'Cause we've got a job to do here, Sammy, that's why."
"Explain the 'we' part of this to me, because from where I'm standing it looks like I'm the one doing all the work here. I'm the one wearing this stupid thing, I'm the one going in there, I'm the one who's probably going to be coming face to face with that thing - and in case you hadn't noticed, I'm not really going to be able to take any weapons with me - and I'm going to be the one to get those kids out of that house. And yet you still think 'we' have a job to do?"
"Hell yeah, while you're doing all that I'm going to be reconnoitring." Dean grinned; he knew Sam was just mouthing off right now. Hell, if he'd been the one having to go in then he'd have been bitching about it too. But he'd have known his brother had his back. Just like Sam knew the same.

Sam shook his head a little but there was a wry little smile quirking at the corners of his mouth and Dean knew the argument - such as it was - was done.
"So. We good to go?"
Dean nodded, "Yup, just waiting for you to, y'know, get into character or whatever."
"Bite me."
He grinned again, "Now, see, that's the kind of thing you don't want to be saying to the kids in there 'cause that kinda language'll only get you in trouble."
Sam tilted his head to one side and Dean couldn't hold back the laughter this time. His younger brother rolled his eyes, "Dude, this is just... the minute we're done here - no, the *second* I am so getting you back for this." He walked off in disgust.
"Dream on, Flopsy." Dean called after him

Sam stopped in the middle of the street, turned back and raised his middle finger but Dean had been ready for it. As he saved the resulting picture as the wallpaper of his cell phone he laughed at the crystal clear image of his freak of a brother dressed in a pink bunny rabbit costume flipping him the bird.

all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.